It's a peeking android. This is the pale blue dot.


A picture of me when I was 24, I only look better with age

You can download my resume here.

My name is Joakim Engström, I was born 1987 and is currently living in Sweden’s capital Stockholm.

I've been working as an Android and iOS developer since 2011, my main fuel for learning have always been my burning interesting in technology and my creative side, I love creating something you can interact with on a screen. I love to write beautiful code, but also to experiment and hack things together as fast as possible, hopefully writing somewhat beautiful code while doing it.

Steve Jobs gets teased for calling everything magical and revolutionary, but in many regards he was right about the first iPhone.

When I'm not writing code, you can see me at the cinemas watching a too long, oscar-nominated, hard sci-fi film in which the characters randomly break out in song. I also have a bunch of podcasts about various topics I'm listening to whenever I can. Sometimes you can also see me practicing running for a race or marathon which I've been dumb enough to sign up to.

You can constantly see me at local meetups, I also try to go to as many hackathons and conferences as I can.

Applications I've worked on

iZettle on Android

I'm working on the iZettle android application. The app is really expansive and covers many features that is needed for a merchant. I'm one of the developers that has been working longest on the app and the work has included:

GuidePal on Android

Worked as an advisor on how the structure the app and UI recommendations on the flow and design.

GuidePal on iOS

I did iOS development for GuidePal's iPhone and iPad application. The app consists of several travel guides inside one app and each guide consists of:

Released applications I've done personally

Cursive Watch Face

Kill The Droids

Star Rampage